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School Council

The purpose of our school council is to work with the teachers to make sure that pupils' voices are heard throughout school and doing what we can to make our school a better place.



Joshua: "I enjoy being a School Council representative becuase I can hlp the school become a better place."

Jaya: "It's really fun to talk to other classes and help the school become better."

Zofia: "I like being a School Council rep as I can share ideas with other people."

Henry: "We can help other people and help charities."

Jakub: "I enjoy being part of the School Council as I get to talk to other people and make the school a better place."

Abigail: "I like being on the School Council as it makes me feel more responsible."

Gabriel: "I like being a School Councillor as I can make the school a better place."

Alma: "I like helping people."

Z'nyah: "I get to help people in my class."



School Council Prayer

God, the source of every good gift, You have called us together as servants to do Your will. Grant us the light of Your Spirit. To guide us in our responsibilities as a School Council. May we work together in harmony for the common good. May we listen to one another in a spirit of genuine respect. May we encourage and reverence one another’s unique talents. May we use the gifts of the Spirit in creative Christian leadership. May we approach our decision making through discernment and prayer. May we respond effectively to the needs of the children in our care. God of Love,

You give us the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the common good. May Your blessings radiate from us to others in a new spirit of service. We ask this through Jesus Christ the Light of the World.