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Policies and Documents

This page will provide access to certain policies and other documents that are most relevant to our parents.

For further information or to see documetns that are not on this page, or to request any information in paper format (free of change), please contact us at school.

Accessibility Plan.pdf
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf
Behaviour Policy.pdf
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdf
Committee Structure.pdf
Complaints Policy.pdf
Curriculum Intent Policy.pdf
Gifted and Talented Policy.pdf
Governing Body Code of Conduct.pdf
Governing Body Responsibilities.pdf
Health and Safety Policy.pdf
Inclusion Policy.pdf
Intimate Care Policy.pdf
Keeping Children Safe in Education.pdf
Lunch Policy.pdf
Medical Policy.pdf
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy.pdf
No Platform Policy.pdf
Pupil Information Scheme.pdf
Pupil Premium Policy.pdf
Relationships and Sex Education Policy.pdf
Remote Learning Policy.pdf
Safeguarding Booklet.pdf
School Admissions 2022-2023.pdf
School Appraisal Policy.pdf
School Capability Policy.pdf
School Charging Policy.pdf
School Disciplinary Policy.pdf
School Grievance Policy.pdf
School Whistle Blowing Code Policy.pdf
Signed Gifted and Talented Policy.jpg
Special Educational Needs Information Report.pdf
Values and Virtues.pdf