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At St Catherine's, we recognise the growing importance of combining our knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to our daily lives in order to thrive in an evolving world.  We strive to foster and instil a healthy curiosity about the world around us and provide, for all children, the foundational skills needed to problem solve within an applied and collaborative manner.

As part of our efforts to develop a strong STEM education for all pupils at St Catherine's, staff and children take part in different events throughout the school year - a few of these are listed below:



STEM in action at St Catherine's

STEM Display

STEM Library

Eco Board

Who we work with...

Enthuse Partnership

As part of our efforts to continue our development to promote STEM learning, we have formed part of an Enthuse Partnership with the rest of the Tolkien Science Learning Partnership.  This allows us to have access to more CPD for staff and providing extra opportunities for pupils.  It also provides an opportunity to work with other schools to develop our own STEM learning opportunities.