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Our Eco-Committee strives to improve our school and local environment.  We work together as a team to inspire our classmates and teachers to become more eco-friendly.  We meet once every half-term to discuss what we can do to take care of our environment.  


Eco-Committee Prayer

Dear Loving God,

We thank you for all the resources of the world.  Grant us thoughtfulness and wisdom in our use of them and in our spending and consumption.  Help us be mindful in the reuse and recycling of resources and to tread lightly on the planet.  We have inherited this Earth and all that is in it through your love.  Help us to recognise our responsibility to pass it to future generations in a condition that is safe and sustainable.  In Jesus' name.



Eco Award

We were extremely proud to present our school with the Eco Green Flag Award from Eco-Schools!  Our team have worked very hard to inspire pupils to be thoughtful about the environment around them and take action!

A big thank you to the Eco Committee last year: Adrian and Alma, Jacob and Jyotsana, Charlotte and Keyur, Freyah and Aryan, Maxi and Zofia, Jude and Sabela, Mrs Todd, Mr Fadden, Mr Sorroll and Mr Woolman.


Eco Board


Statements from Pupils and Parents

What do you think our greatest success has been as an Eco Committee?

"When we were talking about the school on Earth Day in assembly." 

"To help children understand and implement simple and efficient ways to save energy and protect our environment."

"We have all worked together to try and protect our school environment."

"Helping others think about our world."

How do you think the Eco Warrior role has benefited your child?

"Being an Eco Warrior has helped Alma to know more about the environment and how to save energy.  He is more confident in defending her case."

"Since joining the Eco Warrior Committee, Adrian feels very proud of being an active member of the team and has been focusing on things such as recycling, reducing the use of plastic and reusing old toys.  Adrian feels that it's very important to have forests as these are homes to wildlife."

"Freyah has become a lot more concious about her and her family's impact on our envirionment and as a family, we have made a huge adjustment in reducing our carbon footprint.  This is something Freyah is very proud of."