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For most of us, technology is an essential part of our daily lives. It is our goal at St Catherine's is to equip our children with the fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding of computing to enable them to participate effectively and safely in a digital world.

As such, we take great pride in our computing curriculum and the rich experiences it provides our children.  Through planned lessons form the NCCE, we teach a balanced progressive coverage of the three strands of the National Curriculum from EYFS up to Year 6. Our teachers also actively seek opportunities for cross-curricular links to further the time the children have to practise and hone their skills and understanding of computing.  

Please see our overview under 'Computing Related Documents' as well as visiting the NCCE website to see the resources our teachers will be using.

Below is a roadmap of the NCCE Computing curriculum.  This shows how we hope pupils progress with Computing after completing their time at St Catherine's.


We are very proud, after lots of hard work, to have achieved the NCCE Computing Quality Mark, showcasing an 'excellent' curriculum for Computing.

STEM Takeover Day with Aston Villa Foundation

Key Stage had an exciting day on Monday 26th September where Ryan came in from the Aston Villa foundation to lead a STEM Takeover day at St Catherine's.  This involved Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children developing their understanding of troubleshooting, debugging and variables with Sphero Bolts!

We had a lot of positive feedback from both the children and the staff who took part.

Veronica, Y3: “I enjoyed the workshop because we learnt a lot like how to change the robot’s speed.”

Saahiti, Y3: “We got to learn lots like how to change variables.”

Sana, Y3: “We changed the robot’s colour and direction.”

AJ, Y3: “We had fun whilst learning how to control the Sphero Bolts.”

Michelle, Y3: “It was really interesting to use the tablet to control the robot.”

Mrs Weetman, Y3: “The children worked very well with the tablets and robots.  They were able to troubleshoot, debug and control different variables.”

Daniel, Y4: “I liked controlling the Sphero Bolts.”

Stuti, Y4: “I liked that we had a competition with the Sphero Bolts and I also liked controlling them.”

Aurora, Y4: “I liked the Sphero Bolts competition and I also liked how we could change colours and control them.”

Money, Y4: “I liked the Sphero Bolt competition and I also liked how we also got to have turns with the robot.”

George, Y4: “I liked that the Sphero Bolts could change colour and that it can move without wheels.”

Mr Woolman, Y4: "An engaging activity for children to develop their computer science knowledge using physical comuting."

Preston, Y6: “I learned that a variable is something that can alter or change and if you stand still, although it is spinning, it will connect.”

Exaudi, Y6: “I enjoyed moving the ball around with the table to control it.”

Vanessa, Y6: “I really enjoyed the STEM session we had and it was fun to control the Sphero, as well as doing the obstacle courses.”

Matthew, Y6: “I liked how we learned to make the Sphero to follow us by pressing the ‘Aim’ button.”

Leon, Y6: “I liked how we used iPads to control the ball and change colours.”

Mr Minchin, Y6: “A useful, fun session to engage our pupils in programming.”

AVFC STEM Takeover Day
AVFC STEM Takeover day - image 0
AVFC STEM Takeover day - image 1
AVFC STEM Takeover day - image 2
AVFC STEM Takeover day - image 3
AVFC STEM Takeover day - image 4

Drone Workshop with Bishop Challoner

Our Year 5 pupils were extremely lucky to take part in Drone Workshops with Mr Ebrahim from Bishop Challoner, taking their technological skills to the next level.  This included St Catherine's owning their very own drone!  We have started to look at what we can do with this, looking at aerial shots of the school and developing our digital literacy when controlling the device.  From this, children from Year 5 have taken part in a Drone Competition as well as Cybersecurity workshops at Bishop Challoner.  Below you can see some photographs and statements from the children!

"I enjoyed getting the drone to do some tricks and then racing!" Zofia, Y5

"I enjoyed racing the drones and knowing how drones can impact our lives." Jimy, Y5

"I loved doing an 8D flip and learning how drones can be used to make deliveries." Preston, Y5

"I loved doing tricks with the drones and racing them at the end." Kasemi, Y5

"I really enjoyed controlling the drones and I am excited for extra lessons and the competition in June!" Zemma, Y5

"I loved making the drone do a 360 spin and seeing a bird’s eye view." Ceasar, Y5

Code Club

Images coming soon...

Children in KS2 were very grateful to experience a Code Club taking place this year.  Year 5/6 had 6 weeks to enjoy Code Club, looking into Python and HTML on the Raspberry Pi website, exploring functions and loops.  Year 3/4 had 6 weeks to enjoy Code Club, looking into Scratch and bits of Python, exploring loops and sequences.  

"I enjoyed creating a boat race in Scratch!"

"Creating the ghost game in Scratch was so fun!"

"We learned so many different things in Code Club!"

"I enjoyed coding bar charts, pie charts and I also liked learning about Python and HTML."

"Creating art projects was so fun with Python because if you get one thing wrong, none of it would work."

"I enjoyed the challenge of learning different programming languages."

"Using Python for the first time was very fun even if it was difficult."

"I enjoyed using Raspberry Pi to make online art and create our own website."