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Governing Body


St. Catherine of Siena School is a Voluntary Aided School administered by a Governing Body made up of Foundation Governors, A Parent Governor, a Teacher Governor, a Staff Governor and one L.E.A. appointee. Foundation Governors are appointed to represent the interest of the Diocesan Schools Commission and must form the majority of the Governing Body.

The Parent Governor is elected by parents of registered pupils at the School and must be a parent of a registered pupil at the time of election.

The teaching staff elects the Teacher Governor. The non-teaching staff of the school elects the staff Governor. The L.E.A. appointed Governors are nominated by the L.E.A.

As a Catholic School the Governing Body meets once a month in term time. The members formulate the approve policy on all aspects of school life including Admissions, Discipline and Conduct, Attendance and Punctuality, Religious Education and the National Curriculum.

As a Catholic School the Religious Education Policy is a priority and in conjunction with the Headteacher, a programme of R.E. is formulated.

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School has had its own Delegated Budget for which the Governing Body is responsible. Working with the Headteacher, they decide which pattern of spending best meets the needs of the School and its pupils and must budget for Staff, premises, heating, lighting, the purchase of book, equipment and other goods and services.


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