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Design & Technology

Design and Technology is the process of designing, making and evaluating products fit for a purpose or improving, refining and extending the use of existing products. It develops key skills in creativity as well as resilience, determination and problem solving. 

During their time at St Catherine's, children have the opportunity to design and make a variety of products to fulfill a specific design brief. Each year, they will create a Textiles, Construction and Food Product and engage with the Research - Design - Make - Evaluate process in increasingly challenging ways.  


Our aims in teaching Design and Technology at St Catherine’s are that all children will:

  • develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to design, make and evaluate products fit for a purpose
  • develop the practical skills to work with a wide range of materials and components
  • develop understanding of control systems, energy and structures
  • become aware of the impact of technology and its contribution to the quality of life. 


Click on our D&T Overview to see the projects we take part in over the year!


Design & Technology Competition

Many thanks to all the children who participated in our D&T Design competitions this term, we were blown away by the quality and imagination of the children’s designs. It was an extremely tough decision to pick winners from such an amazing bunch of entries, but eventually we did come to a decision. 

Our KS2 Winner is York (Year 3), we loved the innovation and sense of humour in his model, which included a full size football pitch, students travelling via escalators, giant ice-cream sundaes, and a rather angry looking person in the ‘Head Teachers office?!’ 

Our KS2 Runner up is Brenna (Year 4), we were impressed by the attention to detail in her model, which was all drawn by hand. She told us that there was a specific ‘Art’ room in her school, as she loves Art and Design.  She had sourced real foliage to decorate the outside of her school and had a rationale for all her  design decisions. 

Our KS1 and Reception winner is Josie (Year 2) we loved the creativity of her design, with the teacher’s table being shaped like a bunny’s head. Josie continued this theme to create vibrantly coloured and unique pieces of furniture, including a slide which went into a ball pit.

Our KS1 and Reception Runner up is Serena (Reception) who was inspired by a school visit to the farm to create a ‘Farm classroom.’ It was great to see Serena thinking ‘outside of the box’ and being inspired by a real-life event.  

It’s fantastic to see the creative talents of the children, and I hope they enjoyed taking part in the competitions. Furthermore, I hope they feel an immense sense of pride and achievement when they look at their models.   


Many of the children commented that they were supported with their projects by people at home.  I would like to thank all the parents and carers who supported their children’s learning, your help and input makes the world of difference. 

Design & Technology Competition


Hano: “It was fun because making stuff makes you more creative!”

Tobias: “I put leaves on top, and my classroom had two computers.”

Serena: “I was very surprised when I heard it, as you don’t think you’ll win, and my Dad said maybe I won’t win or maybe I will win!”

Aster: “I enjoyed making it, it was fun.”

Josie: “I made my project with my family and on the whiteboard I put Scratch Junior, as I enjoy learning about it.”

Noah: “I was very happy that my sister won, I had happy tears in the hall.”

Brenna: “I enjoyed making it, as I enjoy being creative. It was good to use my imagination.”

York: “ I enjoyed doing it, because it’s something I’m going to do again when I’m older.”