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Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

Preparing the Year 3 children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion is the responsibility of the Year 3 teacher, Father Mario and the parents.

We have very strong links with our parish community and this is vital to the successful running of the First Holy Communion programme. Photographs of the children are displayed in church so that members of the parish know who they are praying for.

Although the children are prepared in Year 3, we build on the knowledge and understanding gained in the earlier years as well as the child's faith from home.  The children take part in RE lessons focusing on both sacraments and also preparation Masses leading up to receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.

Reconciliation is a special occasion whereby children are supported by our staff, parents and the parish.  On the day of Holy Communion, a great emphasis is placed on the child and their family receiving the sacrament together. The rest of the school and parish community support them by preparing and taking part in the special mass.

Year 4 celebrated a wonderful day as they celebrated their First Holy Communion. Here are some of the emotions and feelings that Mosiah, Abigail, Megan, Daniel, Maryamawit and Henry felt during their special day.

“I felt like a true Catholic when I received communion because I received   Jesus in my body and heart.  This helps me to live, learn and grow in God’s love for the next step in my faith.”

“When I received Holy Communion, I felt that I had the touch of Jesus inside you.  It made me feel like He said He would protect me.”

“I felt really excited to receive Holy Communion because I was taking another step closer to Jesus.”

“I felt proud of myself when I received the body of Christ because having Holy Communion brings me closer to Jesus and helps me live, learn and grow in God’s love a lot!” 

“When I received the host, I felt great because it helped me to live, learn and grow in God’s love. It has helped me become a renewed person who is closer to Jesus.” 

“Having the body of Christ made me feel proud of myself and proud to be Catholic.  It has made me feel closer to Jesus.”



Our Year 6 pupils received the Sacrament ofConfirmation on Tuesday evening. Bishop David was there to celebrate with Father Mario as well. We had 18 Catholic pupils and four family members within their ‘family bubble’.

Everyone adhered to the social distancing rules and all those present enjoyed a very prayerful and reverent Confirmation Mass. Bishop David was very pleased with the children and how well the mass went.

A huge thank you to Mr Minchin for all the preparation that he had done. The children were very well prepared and their readings were outstanding.

Here are some of the thoughts of the children following their Confirmation:

Dalia ’When the Bishop called the bidding prayers, a shiver ran down my spine. I was also excited as I knew that I would do it well.’

Lesemi ‘I was very nervous to be Confirmed but once the Holy Spirit came down to me, I was relieved.’

Jacob ‘I felt excited and faith-filled. I was also shaking when I read.’

Brandon ‘I feel as if I have grown ten times stronger in faith.’

Lena ‘I’m glad that I have the opportunity to receive the oil of Chrism from Bishop David Evans himself. I was excited the Holy Spirit came down for all of the confirmandi.’

Ciara ‘When I got confirmed, I felt relieved and excited to be able to call myself a full disciple of Christ. It was amazing.’

Amelia ‘I enjoyed my Confirmation and being able to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit along with being guided by the Lord.’

Blake ‘I felt nervous at the start but I felt better when I was blessed with the Holy Spirit.’