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Reading is a priority at St Catherine of Siena School and is something that we endeavour to celebrate at every available opportunity. 
World Book Day provides us with exactly that: A chance to praise our pupils for their effort and attainment in reading, but also to enjoy everything that reading provides us with! 
From assemblies to paired reading, special guest teachers to story character orienteering, we had a brilliant day. Have a look at the pictures and impact statements below to see just how much fun we had. 

What our pupils think about World Book Day 2023


Kairo -  I like World Book Day because I get to dress up as 'The Hulk'.

Maedot - I enjoyed finding the characters on the playground.

Noah - I enjoyed Mr Foxall reading 'The Runaway Pea' to all of the boys.

Delina. T. - It was good when Year 5 children were reading to us.

Gabriel. Ch. - Every single teacher dressed up in a costume and it made me feel happy.


Henry – “I enjoyed the assembly when all of the people got to answer questions.”

Sephiya – “I loved when we did our Bedtime Book Quilt (Art Activity).”

Xylae-Jae – “I liked it when we went on the Orienteering Book Hunt.”

York – “I liked it when we went to Year Two to read with the other children.”

Blessing – “I liked dressing up today.”

Adrian – “When we got to go to Year Four.”

Chinyere – “I liked it when Miss High read a story to us.”

Mehdi – “I liked it when we coloured our Bedtime Book Quilt (it had our favourite books on it).”

Elorm – “I enjoyed everything!”


'I enjoyed the World Book Day assembly because we could learn more about books.' Cuong
'I like World Book Day because we could do fun things about books.' Lulia
'I liked orienteering because we could work with Year 4 to find characters, some that we didn't know.' Inna
'I enjoyed reading to Nursery because we were taking turns and making friends.' Jahziah
'I loved doing fun activities and learning more things about reading.' Michelle 
'I love world book day because we can dress as our favourite character.' Vianne


Abigail: "I liked drawing characters of Charlotte's Web because it was very fun!"

Immaculee: "I enjoyed reading for pleasure because it was so entertaining!"

Lucas: "I liked it when we were taking part in the orienteering."

Letizia: "I liked reading with Year 2."

Money: "I liked the World Book Day Assembly because I won a few things!  I love reading!"

Matthan: "I liked with Year 2 because I may have inspired them to read more."


Jaya: I enjoyed writing about my character because it helped me to express what I like about Rosa Parks. I really enjoyed the whole day and the school assembly.

Akariyo: I liked writing about our favourite character as we had our photo and it shows that we can be anything. I was able to say how my character inspired me.

Halimat: I liked writing about why we chose our character and how they inspired us.

Zachary: I liked how I got pointed out in the assembly for my costume and how people got books.

Maryamawit: I liked how we got to celebrate the children who are working hard with their reading in the assembly.

Mosiah: I enjoyed searching for the characters with the Year One class in the orienteering activity.

Meckenzie: I liked how we got to go round the playgrounds and search for characters, and some we did not know.

Tobias: I liked how we got to communicate with the Year One class in the orienteering activity and read with them and teach them.

Freyah: I liked that we got to go to the Year one classroom and read books to them and they read books to us.

Basma: I liked how we got to work together with the Year Ones and how we shared books together.

Noah: I enjoyed going into a different classroom and how Mr Woolman read to us and I like how we read a different genre.

Megan: I liked reading about how girls can do anything with Mrs Tims.

Aryan: I really liked doing the artwork about the Highwayman and how we used the pastels to create an eerie setting.

Leo: I liked going around and looking at other people's artwork about the Highwayman.

Miss High: Another successful World Book Day full of fantastic activities to celebrate our love of reading! It was great to see the costumes and the effort that both children and staff continue to put into this day at St Catherine's.



Maxi Year: Probably the best World Book Day ever! I enjoyed all the activities and was amazed by the diversity of costumes.

Zofia: I really enjoyed this World Book Day! I had lots of fun and I was excited at all the peoples costumes; I mostly liked making treasure maps.

Chayse; I enjoyed orienteering with Yr2 and it was cool seeing all the different costumes,

Eduarda: I enjoyed everything it was fun and we drew treasure maps that I would recommend for next time.

Abigail: I really loved doing the artwork and Mrs Tims reading to us. My favourite part of the day was the assembly. Well done to all the children who won prizes and a big thank you to all the staff that prepared this for us.

Kyron: I enjoyed world book day because its a good event when we get to show what books we enjoy reading and what characters we like !                             

Vanessa: The assembly was amazing! My favourite part of the day was doing our treasure maps based on the current book we are reading- Treasure Island. Overall, I enjoyed everything.

Preston: I liked coming into school and seeing everyone's great costumes. The day was great!