& Virtues

Our Mission Statement 

  • At St. Catherine’s we care and respect each other. We are all special and God loves us.
  • We are a caring community which aims to promote respect and understanding of all Individuals through a sharing of Catholic Faith and the love of Christ. All children will feel a sense of worth, knowing that they are valued and loved by God in their uniqueness.
  • We seek to create a learning environment which enables our children to succeed to their best ability and which recognises and values their variety of talents
  • We acknowledge the importance of our role in support for the family, the parish and the wider community

We live, learn & grow in God's love

Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Birmingham must ensure that as part of their Catholic teachings, values and virtues are now a key focus.

The values and virtues show how we at St Catherine's are growing in our faith as well as how we help our pupils to grow. We emphasise a particular pair of words throughout a half term.

Each half term the focus will change. It is the intention that across the whole of the Archdiocese, schools will focus upon the same pair of virtues at the same time. This will enable us to share ideas and resources and strengthen our common bond. 



Autumn 1

Compassionate & Loving  

Autumn 2

Faith-filled & Hopeful 

Spring 1

Eloquent & Truthful    

Spring 2

Learned & Wise 

Summer 1

 Grateful & Generous

Summer 2

 Intentional & Prophetic    


 Please click here to read more about our

 Values & Virtues



Please click here to read more about our 

Values & Virtues