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LENT Charities and Update 2019

Our current total raised is £942.53
Sponsorship money is just starting to come in. Two
boys in Year 4 have managed the amazing amount of
£100 between them which is yet to be added to the
total. Every donation counts so do please collect what
you can so that we can help others this Lent. The KS2
Sponsored Aerobics has taken place today and the KS1
Skipping and Foundation Stage Bike Riding is next
Wednesday. Thank you for your great
support as always.


British Red Cross Visits September 2018

Year 6 received visits from ‘British Red Cross’ who delivered important workshops on First Aid , preparing pupils for supporting others with basic first aid skills as well as one on ’Refugees’ . This helps pupils to understand ways in which we can reach out to people who need us by showing the virtues of compassion and love to all. Please talk to your child about their visit. Here are a few quotes from pupils about their visit: First Aid: Ange “We learned about how to help people with injuries.” Cydia “I learned how to see if someone was conscious.” Xin “I now know what to do when somebody is in trouble.” Crystal “I know what to do when somebody is bleeding heavily.” Refugee Awareness: Fares “The British Red Cross is an amazing charity which teaches people to know what refugees are and how we can help them in any circumstance.” Jessica “British Red Cross is a great charity because it helps asylum seekers and refugees in many different situations.” All of Y6 found these workshops very interesting.

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Children in Need November 2018

At school we held a non-uniform day and a Y5 / Y6 cake sale. Children wore spotty clothing or wore pyjamas to support this fantastic day of fundraising. We are always so generous when supporting others less fortunate than ourselves and in total we raised a fantastic amount of £344.23. Thank you all for your kindness.

Foundation Stage Sponsored Bike Ride 2017

To help raise money during Lent the Foundation Stage done a sponsored bike ride in the KS1 playground. We were able to bring our own bikes or scooters to school to take part. We also used our school tricycles to take part, it was lots of fun!

City Mission

The Faith and School Council helped to take many of our food offerings to City Mission to help those in the community who are vulnerable. They talked to us about who we help and showed us around.

Harvest Offerings

Visits to ‘The Resource Centre’ and ‘The Sanctuary’ at St Chad’s

Once again  a huge thanks to all parents and pupils who donated food for the needy in our community. A selection of our Faith and School Council delivered all the food to both venues this week. Here is what they had to say: “

Raven “I learned all about asylum seekers and refugees at the sanctuary”

David “I enjoyed it when Andy took us round the Resource Centre and showed us round. He told us how the food was sorted by dates.”













Colton “I enjoyed giving the food to help poor people”

Joey “I thought it was a good place to store the food and other different things to give to the poor people”

Ibrahim “I learned how the asylum seekers can go to the sanctuary to get things they need”






Click on the links to explore the other charities that St Catherine's supports! Pictures and reports to come soon!



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