Reconciliation at

St Catherine's

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Y3 Sacrament of Reconciliation

On Wednesday Catholic pupils in Year 3 received the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Here are some of their reflections:


Tobias ‘I felt happy and grateful that I had my

Leo ‘I felt very happy and nervous but when  I did it I felt way better after’

Kornelia ‘I felt happy, clean and reflective’




Akariyo ‘I felt good and happy’

Halimat ‘I felt the Holy Spirit take away my sins and a white dove when I was doing my Reconciliation’

Freyah ‘I felt happy and overjoyed after my first confession’

Henry ‘I felt happy and excited, I felt grateful to have Reconciliation’

Noah ‘I felt happy because I am free of my sins and I will never do those sins again’

Zachary ‘After my reconciliation, I felt joyful and relieved that my sins were
washed away’

Abigail ‘I felt free of sin and like there were a lot of doves flying around my head and I felt holy’  

Maryamawit ‘After confession I felt clean from all my sins and it felt like love and happiness came to me’

Samuel ’ After my Reconciliation I felt like I was reborn and forgiven by God’


Daniel ‘I felt happiness and joy circle around me like a dove. I felt free of my sins. I felt healed from the temptation to sin again.’

Megan ‘I felt really
clean and prayerful in myself.’

Phu ‘I felt like a dove flying on my shoulder’


Mosiah ‘After I did my Reconciliation, I felt clean and relieved’

Elijah ‘I felt so happy when I was doing Reconciliation that I felt like there was a dove on my shoulder’

Joshua ‘I felt very happy and loved when I did my Reconciliation and it felt good to let out my sins’

Mr Taylor

‘All of the children in Year Three worked very hard in the preparation for Reconciliation and they were fantastic ambassadors for the school on Wednesday during the service.

They should all be very proud of  themselves.
Thank you to all the staff that have helped the children to prepare
for this special part of their faith journey.

We pray for them now as they continue to prepare to make their First Holy Communion in September:

Halimat, Megan, Mosiah, Sophie, Joshua, Freyah,
Abigail, Zachary, Leo, Kornelia, Henry, Essey, Noah, Elijah, Phu,
Tobias, Akariyo, Maryamawit, Nikodem, Samuel and Daniel.