Confirmation At St Catherine's

We live, learn and grow in God's Love

Y6 Confirmation Workshop - Bishop David Evans

Bishop David Evans visited our Year 6 class on Tuesday as part of their preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop David was very complementary about how well prepared our pupils were.

Here are some of the impact statements from Year 6 pupils:

Ciara ‘After speaking to Bishop David I feel relieved and quite confident for my Confirmation.’

Brandon ’I enjoyed learning about Confirmation, to ease my nervousness about receiving the sacrament.’

Hosanna ‘Lord Bishop David was here to talk to everyone and not only the confirmandi.’

Dalia ‘Bishop David reminded us that everything will be ok.’

Dominion ‘Bishop David asked us our saints names and why we chose them.’

Yuel ‘ I enjoyed it when we were talking about Confirmation.’

Jacob ‘We spoke about what will happen in the service and in what order.’

Joel ‘Bishop David told us about the saint that he chose and why. I learnt something new.’

Samanta ‘I learnt that St Stephen was the patron saint of alter servers.’

Lena ‘After speaking to Bishop David it’s like a huge mass of weight was lifted off my back. ‘


Year 6 were confirmed by Bishop David Evans at St. Catherine’s Church.

As Bishop David said, during this testing time of Covid, this is a very important moment in the faith journey of our children but also in the life of the school and parish. It is the time when we confirm our faith and through the sacrament of Confirmation we are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Not only are we to listen and talk to God, but we also must spread the word of God, through both our words and our actions.                                   

Thank you to all the parents, sponsors, school staff and alter servers for making it such a special evening. Thank you to Father Mario. Finally a really special thank you to Mr Minchin who has prepared our Confirmation candidates so well. Thank you for all his hard work over many weeks and months.




Y6 Confirmation Mass
Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 7PM
Our Year 6 pupils received the Sacrament ofConfirmation on Tuesday evening. Bishop David was there to celebrate with Father Mario as well. We had 18 Catholic pupils and four family members within their ‘family bubble’.

Everyone adhered to the social distancing rules and all those present enjoyed a very prayerful and reverent Confirmation Mass. Bishop David was very pleased with the children and how well the mass went.

A huge thank you to Mr Minchin for all the preparation that he had done. The children were very well prepared and their readings were outstanding.

Here are some of the thoughts of the children following their Confirmation:

Dalia ’When the Bishop called the bidding prayers, a shiver ran down my spine. I was also excited as I knew that I would do it well.’

Lesemi ‘I was very nervous to be Confirmed but once the Holy Spirit came down to me, I was relieved.’

Jacob ‘I felt excited and faith-filled. I was also shaking when I read.’

Brandon ‘I feel as if I have grown ten times stronger in faith.’

Lena ‘I’m glad that I have the opportunity to receive the oil of Chrism from Bishop David Evans himself. I was excited the Holy Spirit came down for all of the confirmandi.’

Ciara ‘When I got confirmed, I felt relieved and excited to be able to call myself a full disciple of Christ. It was amazing.’

Amelia ‘I enjoyed my Confirmation and being able to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit along with being guided by the Lord.’

Blake ‘I felt nervous at the start but I felt better when I was blessed with the Holy Spirit.’ 

Let us keep all of Year 6 in our prayers