Meet The Staff at St Catherine's


Mr Fadden - Head Teacher

Mr McNamara - Deputy Headteacher & Y6 Teacher

Mr T. Minchin - Assistant Headteacher & Y6 Class Teacher

Miss G. High - Y5 Class Teacher

Mr C. Woolman - Y4 Class Teacher

Mr J. Taylor - Y3 Class Teacher

Mr. G. Sorroll - Y2 Class Teacher

Mrs O. Finnegan - Y1 Class Teacher

Mrs J. Foxall - Reception Class Teacher

Miss L. Wilde - Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs P. Kurila - Y4/5/6  Teaching Assistant

Mrs. T. Cranage - Y4/5/6 Teaching Assistant

Miss D.McLennon - Y3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Rogers - Y2 Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Kurila - Y1  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z. Schielke - Rec Teaching Assistant

Mrs D. Stephenson - Nurs Teaching Assistant

Mrs B. Thornton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Bolton - SENCO

Mrs R. Tims - Mentor / Pastoral Support / HLTA / PPA Cover

Mrs C. Evans - HLTA / PPA Cover

Mrs L. Turner - Office Manager

Mr P. Foxall - School Administrator

Miss B.Smith, Miss J.Mullings

 Catering Staff

Mr M. Mills - Site Manager

Ms J. Wong - Website


Has the school published on its website the number of employees (if any) whose gross salary exceeded £100k?

The school for the Year Ended 31.3.22 do not have a member of staff earning in excess of £1000k per annum.