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The Rainbow Room

at St Catherine of Siena School


We are currently in the process of updating this page dedicated to our Rainbow Room!

Welcome to our Rainbow Room! A safe and quiet space for children to come to have a break from the classroom when things are getting too much.

We also have a sensory area which will include a blackout tent full of beautiful lights and lots of ffun, sensory toys to enjoy and explore.

Some children may be invited to use the Rainbow Room in the morning before entering the classroom. This will be part of a phased transition to help them settle into the new school routine.

Staff will be on hand to support your child with any worries or concerns that they have and they will have the chance to interact with a small group of children in a quiet and calming environment through Lego and other calming activities.

Other targeted interventions to support your child with their learning may also take place in the Rainbow Room.