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On this page you can read all about the different Workshops that we hold in school for Parents & Children!

Illustration of Parents and Their Kids Attending a PTA Meeting Stock Vector - 28966199

Handwriting Workshop with Nursery Parents Feb '17

Thank you to all parents who attended the workshop. We talked about the importance of developing gross and fine motor skills to support pupils now and as they progress through Nursery into Reception. Parents received packs that will enable them to help pupils at home.

Here are a few comments from our parents:

“I will try to help my child with big movements and small movements.”

“Everything you taught was useful. I will try to initiate writing activities playfully.”

“It was most useful to me.” “I will improve communication skills.” “Thank you it was a good session.”

Please click here for a copy of HANDWRITING BOOKLET

On-line Safety Workshop for Parents

Recently parents have had advanced notice of an online workshop that is being delivered in partnership with NSPCC and O2. The date has had to be changed to Wednesday 23rd March at 1.45pm. It will last for one hour and be very informative in supporting you and advising you as to how you can keep your child safe. You will receive a flyer and MUST return the slip to show commitment of attendance. The course can only be run if there are at least 22 parents –please support us in making sure this important aspect of your child’s safety is delivered.

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Year 2 Parents Workshop (March 2016)

Huge thanks to all parents who attended the workshop on Year 2 New Curriculum and Sats. As always we appreciate your time and support. Together we can make a difference!

Here are a few comments from parent: “Very valuable. Thank you.”

“Very useful information . Thank you.”

“Great to know what to expect—very helpful and useful.”

“I found the workshop very informative. It is important for parents to be given information about what is expected from our children.”

“I found the session very useful. Hopefully I am confident that the Year2 teaching will support the children, especially for reading. I am very excited as I feel more involved in the KS Sats!”

“It was very useful to get an idea of the types of questions that will be in Sats


“Very useful. Thank-you. A lot of hard work ahead.”

“It was very helpful and enjoyable. It gives me a lot of ideas of how to work with my child.” “Very useful workshop. Lots of information to be absorbed!”