Throughout the year we have many Theatre Groups visiting. Sometimes the productions are funny, sometimes they're sad but they always have something to say and make us think!

Careless Talk Theatre Visit

October 2015

Year 6 participated in  a theatre programme this week tackling the subject of

extremism. It was both very informative and enjoyable. Pupils really did engage and learnt a great deal about different issues, respect, tolerance and decision making.

Mr Ms Namara “The Playhouse Theatre visit was excellent. It enabled pupils to consider any issues which included extremist views.”

Akshat “ I enjoyed the suspense of the unexpected things that happened in the play.”

Tiarna “ I enjoyed how the actors got the point across about respect for others. I liked when Scarlett and Fawkes worked to stop the anti-circle members of a group.”

Lucas “I think the theatre visit has had a massive impact on the way we all think about serious issues.”

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Jack and the Incredibly Meanstalk

At St Catherine’s we are always trying to deliver key messages to pupils that link to our school values and Riverside Theatre group always support us in that. This show allowed pupils to hear important message of valuing friendship and how to treat other.

We are all different and God has made us different in many ways.

Pupils and staff alike really enjoyed the show. See our newsletter for impact statements.

Jack and the incredibly Mean Stalk