World Book Day 2016

World Book Day Celebrations


This wonderful day of  celebrating books and reading for pleasure is always a winner here at St Catherine’s. Take a look at the photographs which show a range of activities from: theatre visits; younger and older children reading together; storytelling and simply having fun reading and learning about books and their authors through a whole school quiz and lots more.

Can you tell which book characters some of our pupils and teachers are?

A huge thanks as always to our parents, pupils and staff for their efforts in making World Book Day a fun day for all. .


Here are some  comments from some pupils and staff about the day:

Mrs Elliot “ I really enjoyed the day and Riverside Theatre did a really good adaptation of Elmer and Nursery really enjoyed it.”

Nursery—Kennana “I liked reading stories.”

Xavier “I liked watching Elmer doing the dancing.”

Reception—“ I do lots of reading and I won the Elmer book.” Novitha

“Mrs Tims read us a lovely story about a women who swallowed a fly.” Zianna

Year 1—”I liked reading with Kyanna because we read stories together.”


Ella “I loved the quiz , it was fun and Mrs Kenny was funny and everyone got to join in,”

“I enjoyed Mr Minchi8n reading to us. He read a funny book.” Jayden

Year 2—”I enjoyed the singing elephant Elmer. She was a friendly giant but was different, I know we are all different and special.” Meksheb

“Monet helped me to read my story and I enjoyed reading with her because she is a good reader.” Rafiyah

Astrid “ I liked when Miss Healy read to us and she had a good expression.”

Year 6 -” I really enjpy World Book Day because we get to learn about different books.” Joe

“I enjoyed when the teachers swapped and read to different groups and tole different stories.” Tyrese


Please continue to encourage your child to read for pleasure  and read with them regularly—it is vitally important.

ALL pupils received a free book token many of which will be redeemed on visits to Waterstones over the coming days. If your child comes home with one please make sure you visit shops that will allow them to choose a free book.

Congratulations to the following pupils who were successful in World Book Day competitions :

Family Quiz Winner:  -  Filipo in Year 5receiving £10.00 book voucher  Runner- Up was Alexander in Year 3

Colouring Competition Winners were: Nursery - Siman and Ednan

Reception– Novitha and Eric

Year 1—Ciara, Jacob and Sarwin


Winners of Reading certificates & books:

Y6 - O’Shea and Raven

Y5 - Shea  and Natalia

Y4 - Daniel O’ and Barbara    

Y3 - George and Jessica 

Y2 - Gyptian  and Sante

 Y1 - Mariam & Jayden

Rec - Beniem & Sabela

Nurs - Kyron W & Sharna