Social Distancing At St Catherine's

Hand Washing and hygiene

All children and adults MUST wash hands on entering and leaving the building and in any change between activities, e.g. going out and returning from break, lunch, PE etc.  Each ‘teaching bubble’ will have its own classroom and all classrooms have a sink / hand sanitiser.  The nearest toilet to each ‘teaching bubble’ will be identified to pupils at the earliest opportunity. There will be posters displayed around the school reinforcing the importance of hand washing and hygiene.

Smaller class sizes (Teaching Bubbles)

The main method to achieve isolation in terms of potential infection controls is to group children and staff into small ‘teaching bubbles’ with a maximum of 10 pupils (which is smaller than the government suggestion of 15 pupils). Children and adults within these bubbles will avoid contact with any other children or adults.  Each bubble will have its own classroom and entry/exit points. They will eat together at lunchtime and play together in a designated area at playtimes



Classrooms have been set up with designated seats for pupils 2m apart in ‘teaching bubbles’ for pupils from Y1 – Y6.  There is a capacity of up to 10 children per bubble.  We realise that social distancing in EYFS will be extremely challenging, but children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. There will be signage around the school to remind pupils and staff of the need for social distancing. Please look at the photos on the school website which show how classrooms and corridors have been marked out to promote social distancing.


Resources for learning

Children from Year 1 upwards will have their own labelled individual pack of pencils, pens, whiteboard and additional resources.  THIS MUST STAY WITH THE CHILD AND NOT BE USED BY ANYBODY ELSE

Resources for practical lessons will need to be washed afterwards.

Book corners cannot be accessed.  Children will be allocated boxes of books which will be rotated.

Children will be asked to bring a water bottle (labelled with name) into school (and a packed lunch if they normally have one), but nothing else, e.g. book bags.