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My name is Laura and I’m a producer on the casting team at Keshet TV. We’re an independent production company that produces entertainment, factual entertainment, reality and gameshows alongside scripted drama. This spring and summer we’re making an exciting new children’s programme for CBBC called Show Me The Honey! I have put a paragraph below that explains the show:


Show Me The Honey!

The wonderful world of beekeeping is being explored like never before in a fantastic new CBBC series for kids and their families. Four families from across the UK will become first-time beekeepers, exploring the incredible world of bees and finding out about their wider local environment, alongside trying to produce some delicious honey! The beekeeping action will be focused on the children taking part but they’ll be supported by their parents or guardians, and any siblings will get to appear too if they wish. Each family will receive their own bees, a hive and all the relevant safety equipment. They’ll also receive training from experts on how to look after the bees. Everyone’s a winner in this eco-friendly, warm competition but there will be a winning family who will be crowned the honey-making champions at the end of the series.


We are currently casting for families to take part across the whole of the UK. Families can be of any shape or size but must include at least one child aged 9-14 and have ample space to keep the bees.


We are working with bee experts to make sure the bees welfare is not compromised during the process of the competition and that they thrive in their new homes.


I was wondering whether there may be any pupils at your school that would like to apply to take part in the competition. They can apply at:


Or through…


If anyone is interested you can find us on:






The application deadline is 22nd March. If you have any questions or would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Laura Allen
Development Assistant Producer


0203 761 4682