1. What type of needs might children with special educational needs have?


2.What provision does St Catherine’s offer to children with additional needs?


3. What type of support may be available to my child?


4. What additional help is available for my child from outside


5. Who do I speak to at St Catherine’s about my child’s difficulties
with learning, special educational needs or disability?


6. How will the school let me know if my child has special educational needs?


7. What do I do if I am concerned about my child’s progress and think they might have special educational needs?


8.How will the curriculum and school environment be matched to my child’s needs?


9.How will St Catherine’s support me to help my child’s learning?


10. How does the school know that the support has made a difference?


11. What is an EHCP and who can request one for my child?


12. How will St Catherine’s help me and my child with the transition process?


13. Who can I contact if I have a complaint about the SEN provision made for my child?