SEN Resources


Please find some resources and links that may be useful when supporting your child
at home with their learning.
For any further guidance please contact Mrs Bolton (SENCO) at


Welcome to our new Rainbow Room!

A safe and quiet space for children to come to have a break

from the classroom when things are getting a bit too much.

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Useful resources to support your child at home

Oak National Academy has a range of resources covering different areas of need including Speech and Language, Communication and Language, creative arts etc.


Communication and Interaction:

Speech, Language and Communication

If your child is currently supported by our NHS BCHC+ Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) then you will have a copy of their targets that was sent to you by the SaLT, use these to help you choose the most appropriate resources for your child.

Barrier games

A table to show what your child should be able to do by age:

Early Years (0-5)

Primary (5-11)



Playing With Words 365



Social, Emotional and Mental Health

See the Wellbeing section (Mental Health Matters) of our website for more resources.


Sensory and Physical

Fine Motor skills


Cognition and Learning

Generate worksheets e.g. telling the time, money  etc.