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Space Week 2022

St Catherine’s have had a spectacular Space Week this year with a wide range of activities taking place, from creating your own planet to rebuilding the James Webb Telescope with origami skills!  We have also had a wide range of competition entries, showing off your space knowledge!

This week has allowed us to see the creativity pupils bring to STEM, particularly when applying their passion and curiosity to space.

Please see the statements from the children below as well as the photographs of our wonderful week!

Gabriel Ch. Y1: “We learned about planets like Venus.”

Axel Y1: “We put planets in order.”

Josephine Y1: “I learned that planets are big and small.  The sun is the biggest.”

Kairo Y1: “The rockets can go into space.”

Cataleya Y1: “I did a project at home.  It has a rocket and some planets.”

Stuti Y4: “I enjoyed making the James Webb telescopes with origami and I also enjoyed comparing different planets and stars.

Eliana Y4: “I enjoyed it when we watched the different planets and compared their size.”

Money Y4: “I enjoyed it when we had the space competition.”

Oliwier Y4: “I liked learning about the different size of the planets.”

Matthan Y4: “I liked learning about big the planets are.”

Halimat Y5: “I enjoyed learning about how the star explodes with its colours.”

Cairo Y5: “I enjoyed how we got to use the iPads to research about stars.”


Veronika Y5: “I enjoyed it because we got to research how stars exploded.”

Maryamawit Y5: “I liked how a black hole grows in a star when they die.”

Aryan Y5: “I enjoyed studying about the stages of a star: protostar, main sequence star, it can go to a red giant or a red super giant and might even turn into a black hole!”

Miss High Y5: “A great chance for Y5 to learn about the life cycle of a star before our Earth and Space topic later in the year.”

Jeremi Y6: “This space week was a success! I loved learning about space exploration and adding to my knowledge.”

Matthew Y6: “It was great! I enjoyed watching the planets, stars and the universe.”

Exaudi Y6: “I liked watching the video about how the planets got bigger each time and how they looked.  Thank you, Mr Woolman!”

Preston Y6: “My favourite thing about space week was creating our own projects because the competition was exciting and fun.”

Zemma Y6: “I liked learning about how the rotation of the earth affects us.”



Space Week 2022
Space Week 2022 Competition Entries
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