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Year 2 pupils, this will be the timetable for you to follow from now on whilst you’re learning from home. Stay Safe! x


In Science you will need to try and complete some work on ‘Plants that we did not complete in school at the end of this term. See sheets and ideas attached for Year 2 Plants

If you want some other ideas about this there are some good science ideas on the Robin Hood website you were shown at school.

After Easter we are looking at ‘Super Scientists’ Look at the overview of key ‘Learning  Objectives’ and what you can find out each week.


We will be :

Week 1 commencing 20th April

LO: to investigate the effect gravity has on everyday objects. What is Gravity? Who founded gravity? Make some simple helicopters and investigate. See activity sheets.

Week 2 LO: To investigate what happens to light when it passes through different transparent objects. Find out facts about light and prisms.

Week 3 LO:  To investigate whether sound can pass through materials. How does sound travel? What materials can sound travel through?

Week 4 LO: To investigate our senses and reflexes. Can you name all our senses? Can you test your reflexes? How fast are your reflexes?

Week 5 LO: To investigate how germs are transferred by touching things. Let  children look at  images of Florence Nightingale, Alexander Fleming and Louis Pasteur. Find outs about these important people in history as hey all made discoveries about what makes us ill.

Week 7 LO: To investigate electrical circuits to make a lightbulb light up. Find out  about Thomas Edison. Learn about Edison and what he was famous for. Find 3 facts that you can share with the class. Can you find out what is needed to make a bulb light up in a circuit. Can you find out what a simple circuit looks like and  draw a simple circuit?

Super Scientists Worksheet 1

Super Scientists Worksheet 2

Super Scientists Worksheet 3

Super Scientists Worksheet 4

Super Scientists Worksheet 5

Super Scientists Worksheet 6

Cute lovely kawaii house plants cartoons Vector Image



Alongside the pack of work for mathematics you also have MyMaths, TT Rock Stars and Classroom Secrets to help keep your maths skills sharp. Make sure you’re using these too!

The following are topics you need to look at. See White Rose links attached…

Link for White Rose Y2


Week Commencing 11.5.20

Week 4


Day 1 PDF - Ordinal Numbers

Day 2 Powerpoint

Day 2 - Round to the nearest 10

Day 3 - Round Prices to bearest 10p

Day 4 - Measure using decimetres

Day 5 - Measure using centimetres

Week Commencing 18.5.20

Week 5


Day 1 - Powerpoint

Day 1 - Addition strategies

Day 2 - Subtraction Strategies

Day 3 - Add 2 digit numbers

Day 4 - Sorting 2d Shapes

Day 5 - Powerpoint

Day 5 - Describe 2d Shapes


Position, Direction and Movement


2. Powerpoint Describing Movement

3. Describing Movement - Reasoning and Problem Solving

4. Describing Movement - Varied Fluency

5. Position & Direction Consolidation

6. Describing Movement Extension



Position Word Mat



Complete the work in packs that were sent home.

Please make sure you keep reading, completing comprehension tasks and SPAG work.

Use Robin Hood links too as well as Twinkl links. Read! Read! Read

Spellings weekly that were sent home and patterns.

In writing – once a week write a diary entry that include:

  1. A diary about 1 of your days- you could keep a diary throughout these weeks off school.
  2. A fact sheet of information on a chosen animal – Habitat, Food, Appearance,
  3. A story based on ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ – make up your own story with a different animal

Eg The Duck Who Was Afraid of Water

The Swallow that was Afraid of the Sky….

  1. A Letter to your teacher about why we want to come back to school!!
  2. A thank you letter to the NHS for all the hard work they have done. 

WEEK 4 English

Week Commencing 11th May

Day 1 - Read Angry Cat

Day 1 - Angry Cat

Day 2 - Rat's Diary

Day 3 - Baba Yoga And The Black Geese (20mins) (YouTube)

Day 3 - Baba Yoga Comprehension

Day 4 -  Baba Yoga

Day 5 - Hansel And Gretel

Day 5 Hansel and Gretel Diary

WEEK 5 English

Week Commencing 18th May

Day 1 - Read Whale Words

Day 1 - Whale Words Comparisons and Poem

Day 2 - Biographies

Day 3 - Apostophes

Day 4 - The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau (YouTube)

Day 4 - The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau Book Review

Day 5 - Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary by Simon Bartram (YouTube) 

Day 5 - Dougal's Deep-Sea Diary by Simon Bartram Verbs and Tenses

WEEK 1 English

Week Commencing 20th April 


The Boy Who Cried Wolf Text

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Questions


SPAG Sheet Mat 1


SPAG Sheet Mat 2


Writing Activity Diary Entry


Read all your Y2 Common Exception Words and spell them too

WEEK 2 English

Week Commencing 27th April


A Scarecrow Job Text & Questions


SPAG Test Sheet


Writing activity from sheet already posted

WEEK 3 English

Week Commencing 4th May

practise handwriting by writing sentences from a page in your reading book
writing activity from pre-posted sheets
Can you write a few of your own sentences using these suffixes?

   I've caught zebra fever and I'm seeing stripes! | Fall clip art ...    Barn clipart farmyard, Barn farmyard Transparent FREE for download ...  The Boy Who Cried Wolf Stick Puppets


Enter text...


Summer 1

20th April to 22nd May


See link for Charanga and login using your username and password.

Select activities for your year group.


Music clip art free staff with notes 3 - ClipartAndScrap




Click here for ALL lesson plans and links


Week 4

Explore Ways to Weave with Paper

Paper Weaving - YouTube

Paper Weaving Guide

Paper Fish Weaving


Week 5

To weave using different materials.

Weave With A Loom

Weaving projects

STEP 7 Paper Weaving



Year 2  - Work at home – Summer 1 (After Easter)


1. Sharing the Life of Jesus

To know about Joseph.

Read (Matthew 2:13–23) or watch the story of Joseph’s dream of going to Egypt.


Create a character description of Joseph.  Describe what sort of person he was using evidence from the story.


2. To understand the Wedding at Cana.

Read the story of the Wedding at Cana.


Complete the activity sheets to match the story.


3. To know the story of Mary at the cross.

Read the story of Mary at the cross of Jesus.


List her thoughts and feelings.

Create your own artistic image of Mary at the foot of the cross.



Easter egg cross clipart jpg transparent stock Easter egg cross clipart - ClipartFest jpg transparent stock




Previous Work

Year 2 Science


Completing  work on ‘Plants’

Here are the following worksheet with  the key Learning Objectives  that have been missed over the past few weeks .

Week 1 LO: To be able to explain why and how seeds are dispersed—find out how seeds are dispersed. Draw pictures of fruits and their seeds. Make a fact sheet.

Week 2 LO: To plan, carry out and evaluate an investigation into the conditions that affect germination. What is germination?

Find 3 facts about it. Can you draw different stages of germination.

Week 3 LO: To observe and describe how a plant changes as it matures.


SEE links below—try and use ideas to find out facts about the topic area.

Growing Plants 3

Growing Plants 4

Growing Plants 5

Do some fact finding at home!


Holy Week

Recall the events of Holy Week, starting from Palm Sunday. Discuss the change in attitudes of people from Palm Sunday to Good Friday.


Consider the words used during the Last Supper and talk about how these link with the prayer over the gifts at Mass.


Think about how the disciples must have felt when Jesus told them he had to leave.

Read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion – focus on the Stations of the Cross.  Put the events into order.


Consider the thoughts/feelings of Jesus, Mary His mother and the crowd.



Explain that the Resurrection is one of the most important events in the Christian calendar.

Read the story of the Resurrection.  Imagine what Mary Magdalene saw as she approached Jesus’ tomb.


Write a letter or diary entry as Mary Magdalene explaining what you saw.

Read the story of Doubting Thomas.  Talk about what the word ‘doubt’ means.

Create a storyboard for the story of Doubting Thomas.