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Monday 1st February 

L.O: To add money

Varied Fluency

Reasoning & Problem Solving


Transparent Background Math Clipart , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Tuesday 2nd February

 L.O: To subtract money

Varied Fluency

Reasoning & Problem Solving


L.O: To continue to add money


Money | MySurrey

Wednesday 3rd February

L.O: To give change

Varied Fluency

Reasoning & Problem Solving

 L.O: To subtract money


Thursday 4th February

 L.O: To reason & problem solve

around money

Reasoning & Problem Solving

 L.O: To continue to subtract money





Monday 1st Feb 

L.O: To show an understanding of SPaG




Tuesday 2nd Feb

L.O: To use descriptive writing

Descriptive Writing

L.O: To use adjectives

Adjectives (Purple Group)



Wednesday 3rd Feb

L.O: To use time conjunctions


Conjunctions (Purple Group)



Thursday 4th Feb

L.O: To use thoughts, feelings and opinions in writing

Thoughts Feelings and Opnions

L.O: To understand facts and opinions

Fact & Opinion



Fri 4th Feb

L.O: To use various reading skills

Reading Skills

Reading Skills (Purple Group)




Tuesday 2nd Feb


13 L.O: To conduct a fair test on sliding

Sliding Test



Friday 5th Feb 


28 L.O: To conduct a fair test on rolling

 Rolling Test

Free Science Pictures and Photos - Graphics - Illustrations



Mon 1st Feb

 L.O: To know that the smelting process was used to make bronze in the Bronze age

Smelting Bronze

Smelting Bronze (Purple)


Lost in combat? Artifacts from the Bronze Age

Thursday 4th Feb

 L.O: To know what life was like in an Iron Age Hill Fort

Hill Fort Powerpoint Presentation

Hill Fort Worksheet

3. Settlements & Land Use - Ancient Studies



Monday 1st Feb 

L.O: To understand reconciliation and how to prepare.

Act Of Contrition


Wednesday 3d Feb

 L.O: To know the Rite of Reconciliation.




On Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 1.00 pm, the children in school will be having a PE lesson, so I am expecting everyone at home to do their own exercise independently.

I have attached a link to a Joe Wicks playlist, but you are welcome to look for other videos to help you exercise!

Joe Wicks Playlist!

How to watch Joe Wicks PE classes at 9am online - Radio Times



On Wednesday at 2.00 pm, we have our computing lesson.

Every week at this time, please go to 'hour of code' to find some computing based games.

I have attached a link to hour of code below

Hour Of Code