Learning At Home
Thursday 10th & Friday 11th September
Thursday 10th September  -  Place value (jpg)
A reading skills and a creative writing sheet. One for each day!
The reading will need questions attached to it, they are as follows:
  1. Is this story set in the city or the countryside
  2. Are the beast's eyes small or large?
  3. What sound do Pippin and Blackberry make as they jump down the hole?
  4. Is this a slow word or a fast word? Why?
  5. Write down the word that is written in capital letters. Who says this word? Why do you think it is written like this?
  6. Does this story have a happy ending or a sad ending?
  7. What type of animal are Pippin and Blackberry? How do you know? Draw them.
This is the story of Jesus calling his apostles. Once you read it, you need to draw a small circle. Outside of that circle, draw another circle, and then another circle outside of that, so you have 3 circles that looks like a target. 
In the middle circle, you need to write the most important detail of the story. In the middle circle, write something that is quite important but not the most important thing. In the outside circle, write a detail that is not important at all. 


I've attached a diagram of a human skeleton. You will need to use the labels to label the diagram.

Please work on your spellings, times tables and  handwriting! 

Stay Safe

Mr Taylor

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