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Complete your work packs at home.

Make sure you keep on reading at least 15-20 minutes per day.

Use Robin Hood links as well as Twinkl links for work.

Practise and test yourself against the Y3/4 statutory spellings you were sent home with.

Complete SPAG and reading comprehension activities.



Once a week, complete a writing activity – don’t forget your Y4 expectations!

  1. Diary entry of one of your days but from the perspective of another person (perhaps a parent?).
  2. A fact file about the digestive system.
  3. A story which is based in India – perhaps they visit a Hindu place of worship (Mandir)?
  4. A formal letter to the Queen about why you are excited to come back to school.
  5. A thank you letter to either the NHS/Supermarket Staff/Factory Workers/Fire Service/Police about their amazing efforts and help during this time.
  6. A story where you are the hero which helps stop the coronavirus (be creative!).


Maths: Whiterose Daily Lessons:
Maths Daily Lessons:


Religious Education:

Holy Week:

LO: To use role-play to retell the key events of Holy Week.

Role-play the key events of Holy week.  How is this different to Hinduism and Diwali?  What is the difference between Palm Sunday and the story of Rama and Sit?

LO: To empathise with Jesus during Holy Week.

Write a diary entry from the perspective of Jesus for Holy Week – how would he be feeling at different points?  Why?


LO: To write a prayer for St Catherine of Siena.

Don’t forget, on the 29th April 2020, it is St Catherine of Siena’s feast day!  Write a prayer for St Catherine of Siena.

LO: To discuss the symbol of the Lily.

The lily is a symbol for St Catherine of Siena – can you draw one?  What do you think this symbol means?  How does this link to our values and virtues?

LO: To know about the Resurrection of Jesus through the Four Gospel Accounts.

Have a look at the different Gospel accounts of this part in the Bible – what were the disciples doing?  What did they see?  What did Jesus do and say in each of these?

L.O: To retell the story of Jesus’s Ascension to heaven and explore the feelings of the disciples.

Look at the Ascension of Jesus from the Bible – what is this story explaining?  Write the thoughts and feelings of the disciples and why they may have felt like this.





Why not have a go at these SAT's Questions!

It's all good practise!

2018 Questions

2019 Questions


Week 1: commencing 20th April

            LO: To identify the functions of different human teeth.

Have a look at the PowerPoint and familiarise yourself with the different types.  Have a look in the mirror – can you see the different type of teeth in your mouth?  Complete the attached worksheet for Week 1 Lesson 1.

            LO: To create a fact file about human teeth.

Refresh yourself with the different types of teeth – do you think you would like to be a dentist at some point in your life?  Use this information to create a fact file using the attached worksheet for Week 1 Lesson 2.

Week 2:commencing 27th April

            LO: To conduct a fair test and observe changes over time with tooth decay (2 sessions).

This lesson will help cover both sessions for this week as it is changes over time.  Do not forget to fill out your scientific enquiry sheet – this will help you plan and develop your writing skills!  Go over the PowerPoint and have a think what your hypothesis is and conduct the experiment – I am looking forward to finding out what you found!  Week 2 Lesson 3 and 4 worksheets.

Week 3:commencing 4th May

            LO: To report scientific information.

You know the process, use the writing frame provided to fill out your findings.  Remember to evaluate what you have done – what would you do different in the future?  Week 3 Lesson 5 worksheet.

LO: To consolidate knowledge around tooth decay.

Have a look at the PowerPoint for this lesson and have a go at the true or false question – you know how amazing you are at reasoning!  Don’t forget to explain it!  Week 4 Lesson 6 worksheet.

Week 4: commencing 11th May

       LO: To identify key parts of the digestive system.

This lesson will help you understand how food passes through our body and its impact on us and why it is important we have this system.  Look at the PowerPoint for this lesson and identify the functions and process of the digestive system.  Week 4 Lesson 7 worksheet.

            LO: To construct a food chain.

Have a look at the PowerPoint to help you understand what a food chain is and have a go at the challenge cards (Week 4 Lesson 8).

Week 5:commencing 18th May

       LO: To use secondary sources to construct a food chain.

Use the internet to research different consumers, producers etc. and create your own set of food chains – what is the longest one you can make (Week 5 Lesson 9).

            LO: To assess knowledge of human teeth.

Use secondary sources to create a PowerPoint presentation/poster/fact file for human teeth – look at the worksheet for extra support (Week 5 Lesson 10).

Week 6: commencing 25th May

            LO: TAPS Assessment.

Have a go at the TAPS project attached – see what you can do (Week 6 Lesson 11)!




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Religious Education

Lesson 1 Holy Week Powerpoint

Lesson 2 Holy Week Powerpoint

Resurrection of Jesus - Comparison of 4 Gospels

St Catherine of Siena - Lily

Here are some of the Prayers that we use in class...

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Prayer of St Richard

Guardian Angel Prayer


The Memorare


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