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St Catherine of Siena Timetable- Y4 Remote Learning


Above is a timetable that we will be following whilst we’re in the current lockdown. Each session (see times on the left) will begin with a meeting on Microsoft Teams with a guided task for you all to complete.

These tasks must be completed in your book (if asked to) or on the assignment files.  If you are unable to access MS Teams, you will be asked to send a photo of the work to me.

Please try to attend each session promptly and with some paper/a pen or pencil so you can take notes and we can get down to working straight away. I understand that technology doesn’t always work as we’d like it to, so in the event that you cannot attend a session or your device isn’t working, I will ensure the worksheets are on the school website (on the Y4 Home Learning page). 

Any queries about this can either be put into the ‘Teams’ chat or emailed directly to me.  I will create a new chat for each day and you can post in these areas to ask any questions. 

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Mr Woolman

Remote Learning Groups


* Free Online Lessons from Oak Academy *

SEN Resources - Please find some resources and links that may be useful when supporting your child at home with their learning.

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