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SEN Resources - Please find some resources and links that may be useful when supporting your child at home with their learning.


Learning Projects

w/c 1st June -  Rainforest

w/c 8th June - Famous and Significant People

w/c 15th June - Around The World

w/c 22nd June - Music

w/c 29th June - Space

w/c 6th July -  Transport




Week Commencing 1st June

Lesson 1 Add 2 or more fractions 

Video Link

Lesson 2 Subtract 2 fractions

Video Link

Lesson 3 Calculate fractions of a quantity

Video Link

Lesson 4 Calculate quantities

Video Link


Week Commencing 8th June

Lesson 1 Tenths as Decimals

Lesson 2 Dividing 2 digits by 10

Lesson 3 Hundredths as Decimals

Lesson 4 Dividing 1 & 2 Digits by a 100

Video Links here


Week Commencing 15th June

Lesson 1 Write Decimals

Lesson 2 Compare Decimals

Lesson 3 Order Decimals

Lesson 4 Round Decimals

Video Links Here


Week Commencing 22nd June

Lesson 1 - Write Decimals

Lesson 2 - Compare Decimals

Lesson 3 - Order Decimals

Lesson 4 - Round Decimals


Week Commencing 29th June

Lesson 1 - Pounds & Pence

Lesson 2 - Ordering Money

Lesson 3 - Estimating Money

Lesson 4 - Four Operations

Video Links Here


Week Commencing 6th July

Lesson 1 - Interpret Charts

Lesson 2 - Comparison Sum and Difference

Lesson 3 - Introducing Line Graphs

Lesson 4 - Line Graphs


Week Commencing 13th July

Lesson 1 - Identify Angles

Lesson 2 - Compare & Order Angles

Lesson 3 - Triangles

Lesson 4 - Quadrilaterals


Week Commencing 20th July

Lesson 1 - Lines of Symmetry

Lesson 2 - Complete a Symmetric Figure

Lesson 3 - Describe Position

Lesson 4 - Draw On A Grid



Why not have a go at these SAT's Questions!

It's all good practise!

2018 Questions           2019 Questions



Computer Coding

Useful Fun Websites to explore






Week Commencing 1st June

Fun At Home - 6 Gases


Week Commencing 8th June

Fun At Home - Salt


Week Commencing 15th June

Fun At Home -Water


Week Commencing 22nd June

Fun At Home - Musical Science


Week Commencing 29th June

Mary Sherman Morgan - Activity Sheet


Week Commencing 6th July

Leonardo De Vinci - Activity Sheet


Week Commencing 15th July

Emily Roebling Activity Sheet

 Lots of Science Websites here!




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Religious Education

Week Commencing 1st June

Pentecost ppt


Week Commencing 8th June

Pentecost Comprehension pdf


Week Commencing 15th June

Windmill pdf


Week Commencing 22nd June

Pentecost Diary Entry


Week Commencing 29th June

Pentecost Prayer

Roles & Responsibilities


Week Commencing 6th July

CV Activity

Spreading The Good News



Go to the VE DAY Activity Page

to celebrate the

75th Anniversary of VE DAY!






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