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SEN Resources - Please find some resources and links that may be useful when supporting your child at home with their learning.

Year Six pupils, this will be the timetable for you to follow from now on whilst you’re learning from home. Every morning I would like you to check your emails for resources that I will send over, as well as instructions for things that you can do in English writing and some other subjects.


A note from Mr Minchin:

I’m so glad that the 15th is here and some of you will be coming back to school! I can’t wait to start teaching those of you in the Y6 ‘bubble’ again- it will be so good to see you!

For those of you who won’t be coming back to school I don’t want you to worry. I’m still just an email away for all of you! I will still be setting work and checking my inbox regularly for work/questions from you all.

Sadly this does mean an end to the zoom chats- I can’t access them at work- but I will still be trying to make phone calls to talk to all of you each week.

I hope you are all staying safe and that I’ll be able to see all of you before the end of term! 

Take care,

Mr Minchin



For science this week I would like you to continue your work on light. Again there are two lessons for you to complete for your science this week.

Firstly I would like you to look at the life of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton is one of the most important scientists that ever lived and made many scientific discoveries. His relevance to this topic is something that he discovered about white light- I won’t spoil what this was though! I would like you to use the links provided and your own research to find out about and create a fact file of his life and most important discoveries:





For the second part of your science work this week I would like you to try and recreate Newton’s light experiment (see the bottom link that I sent over). You will need a glass of water and a torch to achieve this, so don’t panic if you don’t have a glass prism!

Take some pictures of the experiment as you’re doing it and also sketch and label what you discover.



Art will be the continued doodle challenge- some of the ones I’ve been sent are excellent and I’m very jealous I can’t draw that well! The second doodle challenge has also been sent over to you all so use these for your artwork as well!

I’ve stopped being emailed these unfortunately. Please remember to send over the doodles that you are doing!




You’ve been given the links for two coding websites. Do these to keep your coding skills sharp!





For your PSHE work over the course of the week I would like you to come up with some solutions to the following problems that you may encounter at secondary school:

  • You have missed the school bus in the morning
  • You’ve arrived at class but have forgotten your equipment (pencil case, textbooks, PE kit etc.)
  • One of your new classmates is being unkind to you
  • You don’t understand something in class
  • You forgot to complete your homework (or forgot that you had any!)
  • You have missed the school bus in the evening

If some of these scenarios don’t apply to you (like the bus) then think about what advice you would give to somebody who find themselves in that situation.




This Wednesday, the 24th June, is the feast of St John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin. I would like you to follow this link: https://kids.kiddle.co/John_the_Baptist to find out some basic facts about John the Baptist that I would like you to turn into a fact file of your own.

Interestingly, John the Baptist is also a figure in the faith of Islam (as is Jesus). I would like you to find out what Muslim people believe about John the Baptist and compare this to the Catholic belief of him. If you are struggling to find out facts using the name John the Baptist then look for Prophet Yahya (his Islamic name).

St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School - Catholic Life



For your maths work this week I would like you to use the White Rose Hub daily lessons that are on the school website. If you’re finding these too easy then there is the option to access some of the Y7 activities as an extension! Alongside this please keep making your ‘cheat sheets’ like last week- these will be really useful for when we return to school!

Maths worksheets have also been sent to your email addresses for you to complete- these are in line with what we are doing in class this week so use them to keep your maths work sharp!



For your English work this week I would like you to continue with your work on the Mary Celeste. I was only sent a handful of drafts last week so I’m assuming that people are still working on them- we are still working on them in class!

As you’ll see on the timetable I would like you to spend a day finishing off your draft before two days of redrafting. For your final task this week I would like you to create a PowerPoint presentation about the Mary Celeste mystery that you will then be able to email over to me.


English Work from last week..(wc 15th June)

This is a specific research/narrative writing task. It is the same activity that we will be doing throughout the week in class so you can send them over later in the week to see how you compare to your classmates!

First of all I would like you to research the mystery of The Mary Celeste using the following links:




This is an unsolved mystery from over 100 years ago so read carefully about the details of the story.

Using the modelled writing I would then like you to plan, draft and rewrite a narrative pretending to be one of the men who discovered the Mary Celeste, without a soul on board, off the coast of Portugal. Read the modelled writing carefully and use this to base your work on!

Mary Celeste - modelled writing





Any questions then feel free to ask. Remember you can send me any artwork/English/Geography or anything you’re really pleased with. If you’re struggling with work or want me to mark it then similarly you can email this over for feedback.  

Keep safe and hopefully I’ll see you all soon!

Mr Minchin


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