Y6 Learning At Home

Lessons and Messages from Mr Minchin  x

Year Six pupils, this will be the timetable for you to follow from now on whilst you’re learning from home. Every morning I would like you to check your emails for resources that I will send over, as well as instructions for things that you can do in English writing and some other subjects.

Get in touch if you need anything... t.minchin@stcathrc.bham.sch.uk


As you know, in History we’ve been learning about the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham. Whenever you’re timetabled for History I would like you to spend time on a creative project about our subject- this could be artwork, PowerPoint presentations, modelling… The list is endless!



Similarly, in science you will also have dedicated time for a project about our current topic- evolution and adaptation. You can spend time dedicated to science on a project about evolution specific to human beings. If you want some other ideas about this there are some good science ideas on the Robin Hood website you were shown at school.



Art will be the continued doodle challenge- some of the ones I’ve been sent are excellent and I’m very jealous I cant draw that well!



You’ve been given the links for two coding websites. Do these to keep your coding skills sharp!



As many of you will know, Holy Week is fast approaching. For your dedicated R.E sessions next week I would like you to retell the story of Holy Week as a comic strip- complete with drawings, speech bubbles and text to follow. Take time to colour this in and make it look professional! The events I would focus on are:

- Jesus’ return to Jerusalem

- Spy Wednesday

- Maundy Thursday (Last Supper and the arrest of Jesus)

- Good Friday

- Easter Sunday

Alongside this, as you have two hours of R.E to complete, I would like you to write a first-hand recount as a member of the crowd when Jesus is carrying his cross towards where he will be crucified. What will you be thinking? Seeing? Hearing?



Alongside the pack of work for mathematics you also have MyMaths, TT Rock Stars and Classroom Secrets to help keep your maths skills sharp. Make sure you’re using these too!



You have the booklets for English as well with a range of reading and SPAG activities (plus one written task for Tuck Everlasting),  to complete on the specific days. I will be emailing specific written tasks and writing models for you to use based around Treasure Island next week so keep a look out for these!


Any questions then feel free to ask. Remember you can send me any artwork/English/History or anything you’re really pleased with. If you’re struggling with work or want me to mark it then similarly you can email this over for feedback.


See you all soon (hopefully)

Mr Minchin