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SEN Resources - Please find some resources and links that may be useful when supporting your child at home with their learning.

Year Six pupils, this will be the timetable for you to follow from now on whilst you’re learning from home. Every morning I would like you to check your emails for resources that I will send over, as well as instructions for things that you can do in English writing and some other subjects.

A note from Mr Minchin:

What an unusual way for us all to be beginning our final half term together and your final half term at St Catherine of Siena! I’m absolutely devastated for each of you that your final half term is starting this way; however I’ve been beyond proud of the way you’ve all dealt with these bizarre circumstances and kept persevering through the most unusual scenario we (as a class, school and nation) have ever been in.

I’m looking forward to next week (8th June) and finally being able to see some of you and teach in the classroom once again- I’ve missed working with you all like you wouldn’t believe!.. I’m sure you’ve all missed my constant moaning about handwriting and doing our best work too…

For those of you who aren’t coming back to school straight away I don’t want you to worry: you won’t be forgotten about. I will still be setting home learning activities that correspond with the things we will be doing at school so I will endeavour to make sure you’re as ‘secondary ready’ as you can possibly be.

I will keep you updated on any developments as I get them but, until then, keep safe and do everything you can to remain healthy.


I’ll keep you all in my prayers,

Mr Minchin




For science this half term we would usually be learning about light. As we usually would to begin a topic, I would like you to create a spider-diagram to demonstrate everything that you already know about this topic. This could range from ways we use light, how humans can see light, different sources of light and light in space to the discovery of colour and the speed of light- there is a huge range to explore here!

Once you’ve completed you spider-diagram I would like you to list three questions that you would like to know the answer to by the end of the topic. What do you want to know about light? Maybe you could think about how the human eye works and perceives light or how light is used in modern science… again, the range is endless!

For your second session of science I would like you to watch the following clip:


After that, I want you to recreate this experiment using a torch and three pieces of card. Most phones/tablets have a torch these days so I’m sure you’ll all have access to one at home! Once you’ve done the experiment I would like you to draw it as a scientific diagram (including with labels) and provide and explanation as to what is happening.



Art will be the continued doodle challenge- some of the ones I’ve been sent are excellent and I’m very jealous I can’t draw that well! The second doodle challenge has also been sent over to you all so use these for your artwork as well!

I’ve stopped being emailed these unfortunately. Please remember to send over the doodles that you are doing!



You’ve been given the links for two coding websites. Do these to keep your coding skills sharp!



For your timetabled PSHE slot this week I want to begin discussing secondary school with you all. In seven weeks time, sadly, you will be leaving St Catherine’s and moving on to pastures new! I know this will bring up a mixture of emotions for all of you: excitement, worry, sadness and even happiness!

As part of our PSHE all I would like you to do to begin with is write any questions, thoughts, worries or even things you’re excited about when it comes to moving into Y7.

It’s really important that these are then sent over to me as I can use these to help me plan future PSHE sessions! The more questions you have, the better!




This Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, where we think about the birthday of the Church. As you'll (hopefully) remember from our work before half term, Pentecost was when Jesus' disciples fully received the Holy Spirit for the first time. This enabled the disciples to go around the world and spread the word of God, converting people to Catholocism along the way.

For your RE task this week I would like you to read some of these prayer to the Holy Spirit:


Following that I would like you to write one of your own. As you know, a symbol of Pentecost is a flame; you can use the symbol of the flame to write your prayer onto, or to decorate your prayer once you've finished. Be creative with this!

Once you've written your prayers I would like you to email them over to me and I will choose a few of them to go on the school website and Twitter page.

For your second RE task this week (and the second hour) I would like you again to focus on the Holy Spirit. As we learned earlier in the year, there are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. In a few weeks time you will be moving on to new schools but the Holy Spirit will still be there to guide you. I would like you to think of different ways the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit will help you in your new settings. I will allow free choice for how you want to set this out, you may choose a spider-diagram, artwork, a self-portrait with ideas written around the outside or many other different, creative ideas.




For your maths work this week I would like you to use the White Rose Hub daily lessons that are on the school website. If you’re finding these too easy then there is the option to access some of the Y7 activities as an extension! Alongside this please keep making your ‘cheat sheets’ like last week- these will be really useful for when we return to school!

I’ve also been sent the following link from the maths department at Bishop Challoner:


This is all about being ‘secondary ready’ with maths. I would like you to look at the link with one of your parents and, after watching the video at the bottom, you may wish to sign up to this. There are plenty of things to be getting on with on the school website and the White Rose Hub lessons but this is something additional you might want to choose. Let me know if you do sign up and what you think of it too!




Your English for this week is, once again, split into three sections: Reading, Writing and SPAG. I’ve emailed over the reading and the SPAG activities for you however your written task is slightly different this week…

The Graveyard Book Text

Graveyard Book Comprehension 1

Graveyard Book Comprehension 2


SPAG Hunt Answer


For your written task I would like you to plan and draft the opening to an autobiography about your lives. I do not want a final, ‘best’ version of this by any means, we will be working on this for two/three weeks!

To begin your autobiography you might want to write down some key events from your young lives (parents can help with this too!); these events will include details about your birth, where you grew up, siblings, education, hobbies and much, much more! Think about the titles that you would want for your paragraphs and begin to bullet-point ideas and ‘flesh them out’. Once you have done your plan and started your draft, you can email it over to me to check and make sure that you’re working along the right lines.

These autobiographies are always a great activity before you move on to Y7 as they can go to secondary school with you to let your future teachers know a little more about you!



Any questions then feel free to ask. Remember you can send me any artwork/English/Geography or anything you’re really pleased with. If you’re struggling with work or want me to mark it then similarly you can email this over for feedback.  Remember: This week is the fourth week that Zoom meetings will be taking place so please check your email inboxes!


Keep safe and hopefully I’ll see you all soon!

Mr Minchin


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