Welcome to Year 4

Mr C. Woolman - Class Teacher

Miss D. McLennon - Teaching Assistant






Here are some of the Prayers that we use in class...

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Prayer of St Richard

Guardian Angel Prayer


The Memorare



 In science today, we looked at the buzzer, which is another component of circuits. First of all, we thought scientifically and discussed objects, including toys, in our world which uses a buzzer. We then showed what we have learnt so far by setting up a simple circuit to ensure that the bulb lit up, knowing that a continuous loop to the cell is needed. 

  After that, we attached the buzzer into the circuit and noticed the effect as it made a sound and vibrated. However, some of us noted that when we connected the buzzer it didn’t work. As a result of this, we found out that the electrical current only travels through buzzers in one direction, and we have to make sure it’s the right direction for it to work