Remote Learning Activities

Week Commencing 1st February

If you have any questions about your child’s remote learning please contact

Mrs Foxall on ClassDojo using the messaging tool. 

This week we are learning about the

David McKee text “Elmer”.

 About Elmer | Elmer


Please follow the link to the story read by the author himself...

David McKee reading Elmer





In literacy we will be sequencing and retelling the story of Elmer.

If you have some puppets or animal toys you could do this with your child or even just role play it yourselves.

You could print and sequence these pictures.

Andersen Press



Pick & Choose!

Here are our “pick and choose” home learning activities for the week based on the play experiences we would provide in nursery. You can choose to do all or maybe just a couple of your favourites at home and share them with us. We would love to see how you get on! 

Pick & Choose!



In maths we will be discussing shapes and colours. We suggest you go on a colour walk with your child and look for different colours at home or in your neighbourhood. Here are some colour songs we sing in class you could sing together at home ...

What Colours Do You like? 

Colours Song

Pick & Choose!









In phonics we will continue to practice our listening skills. If you cannot access our taught sessions on dojo/zoom please go to and access the phase 1 games for nursery and choose a game to play each day to support your child with their listening skills. 

 Phonics Play




Great Resources at Music Service Page 



SEN Resources - Please find some resources and links that may be useful when supporting your child at home with their learning.

There's lots more activities to keep you out of mischief on the 


Free Online Lessons from Oak Academy


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