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Giving Thanks To Mrs Moseley

At our last Mass of the year, we explored the Nativity and pupils helped bring the story to life. We also  gave thanks to Mrs Moseley.

 Mrs Moseley has been with us for 27 years!! She started working in the school kitchen in 1988 and over the many years since then has worked as a pupil guide, as a dinner lady, in the school office and supporting pupils in class

We are going to miss so many things about Mrs Moseley, from her photocopying, laminating, her ability to make the dinner hall run so smoothly, her very tasty cakes, her cookery skills which she used to great effect every year with the OAP Christmas Meal, her teaching of cookery skills to pupils and her ability to work with pupils of all ages. Mrs Moseley has given so much to St. Catherine’s that she will never be forgotten. She will always have a special place in the history of St. Catherine of Siena School. On behalf of everyone associated with our school we wish Mrs Moseley a very long and happy retirement. We do hope that Mrs Moseley will come back and visit us.

Celebrating Epiphany

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