School Dinners

Click here to see an example of menus from our school kitchen

School Menu

Please note this is only an example, please ask at school office if you would like an upto date menu

Thanks to all the wonderful Catering Staff, the children at St Cath's are always greeted with a lovely meal and a friendly smile!

2017 - 2018 Dinner Money costs 

Nursery £
5 days 9.75
1 day 1.95


Rest of School £
5 days 11.25
1 day 2.25


Any changes to Lunch arrangements MUST be done through the school office to avoid incorrect charges.


Children can only change on a WEEKLY basis (i.e.  You cannot change from having packed lunches Mon-Thurs and then dinner on a Friday etc)

Please contact School Office if you need more information  (0121 692 1051)